January 21, 2020

There has been plenty of buzz about whether SEO is dead and should you as a marketer continue to use it. In spite of this buzz, SEO is still alive and it’s a good thing to continue optimizing your content for search rankings. Why? Although SEO is changing, it is still safe to say that SEO can help your business see a huge return on investment (ROI). You just need to have a plan in place of how you intend to use your content so that it resonates with your target market. So, to ensure you can get your content to rank higher, here are a few quick tips to SEO success.


Know Your Audience

In order to create information that your audience wants to see and learn, you need to know who they are. Have a go at making personas to cover all the various portions of your tribe. These may include cold and warm leads or people who have bought from you in the past.

Structure Your Website Correctly

Having great content does not make SEO a sure thing. Your website needs to be responsive so that visitors can access your site effortlessly whether they are on a desktop, smartphone, tablet or other devices. Your website should load quickly, and visitors should be able to navigate around your site smoothly. You also want keywords in the URLs, keywords in the anchor text, and in titles of every page and every piece of content you publish.

On-Page SEO

This includes title tags, images, keywords, content, and internal links. Understanding how to use each of these is important because it will make a difference behind the scenes to get more traffic to your website.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO informs Google on what others think about your website. This can come from content marketing, social media platforms, guest blogging, etc. For example, the more other sites point or link to your site, it’s telling the search engines that your website has valuable content that people want to engage with.

As mentioned earlier, it is wise not to pay for links. If the content you provide is valuable to your audience, you will gain links naturally since people tend to only share content they like.

Keep Abreast of Google SEO Guidelines

It’s no secret, things are constantly changing when it comes to SEO. For example, Google has made more than 3000 algorithm changes since 2010 (the data for 2019 hasn’t been released yet). So, to keep up with the latest changes it’s a good idea to get signed up for Google updates. And keep in mind, the material you can learn from Google will work for all search engines.

Create Valuable Content

When it comes to SEO, content is king (coupled with engagement). And since it is one of the key ingredients to building your brand, driving traffic and boosting sales, don’t leave it out of your content planning. Also, make sure the content you create is valuable to your audience and not just created for search engines.

Earn Links

If you have links from other authorities’ websites to yours, it moves your website up in the search engine results. This by no means implies that you should have links come from anywhere. Instead, they should be links that you have earned by guest blog posting, engagement from social media platforms, as well as from videos, podcasts, etc.  However, you should not pay for these links as they should develop naturally especially since this can get your website penalized (blacked out from search engine results pages – SERPs).

Promote Your Content

Oftentimes people are so focused on creating tons of content, but they miss out on SEO because they forget to market it. You may market your products and services, but you also need to promote your content for best results.


Using these SEO tips will increase your chances for search engine success if you commit to doing them on a regular basis. Plus, it’s a good thing to remain patient because it takes time to get ranked in the search engines. And, if you have the budget, running paid ads can help you get traffic and also help you gain visitors who will stick around because your site provides the content they are seeking. People will also stick around if your site is easy to navigate.

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