These days switched on marketers will measure social media engagement to see if their marketing campaign has been a success or not. A lot of marketers find it very difficult to influence the level of social media engagement that they are receiving and will just blindly spend more on ads, promotions, and content.

There was research carried out at the University at Buffalo School of Management which showed that posts on social media that had high engagement levels (comments, shares, likes, etc.) were responsible for the highest spend with customers. Even retailers that created posts that were highly engaging saw an increase in “in store” sales.

All of this underlines the fact that you need to get your social media engagement right. Using strategies to increase engagement will mean that you will get a better return on investment from your marketing campaigns. These are the top three drivers of social media engagement:

The Quality of your Graphics

Perhaps this will not be a surprise to you (and it shouldn’t really) but the higher the quality of your graphics the more likely you are to engage people. You need to use top quality visuals as these are essential for the driving of engagement and sales.

A post that does not have a striking image associated with it is not going to be memorable compared to a post where an image is present. People will not remember blocks of text – it’s that simple. We think in pictures so a striking image will always stay in people’s minds longer and be more vivid.

You can tell a really good story about your product or service with the right image. A good image of someone celebrating for example can add the required emotion for engagement. Find images that reflect what your product does for people.

A good image will push all of the right emotional buttons. It can even bring back memories for people and these factors will really help to drive up engagement. With the right type and quality of images you will build credibility as well as trust.

No matter what social media platforms you are using it always pays to use the highest resolution graphics. Obviously, this is a must for Pinterest and Twitter, but you should also strive for high res graphics on Twitter and Facebook too. It speaks volumes for your credibility as people will associate a high quality image with a high quality company.

The Relevance of your Content for your Audience

Does your brand have a straightforward message that is clear and strong? If it doesn’t then you really need to create one. Once you have that then all of your content on social media should be supporting that single message.

Your aim with all of your social media postings must be to provide relevant content that will resonate with your target market. You need to know which images, videos and other content will work the best with your audience. You will develop this knowledge over time through testing and you need to do this.

You need to be consistent here. If you deviate from what is relevant then your social media engagement metrics will take a turn for the worse. Always focus on what your audience wants and deliver it in spades.

The Right time to Publish

Your social media engagement results will be a lot higher if you publish your content at the right time. If your audience is not around at a particular time of day and you publish at that time then your engagement will suffer greatly. You may think this is obvious but so many businesses make this mistake.

You need to pay attention to the frequency of your posts as well. If you don’t post often enough then this can have a negative impact on your engagement figures. You need to know when your audience is around and how well they respond to multiple postings.

Find out when your audience are around the most. Is this the morning, afternoon, or evening? Also take into consideration the social media platform you are using and find out the best times to post (they will all differ).

There are plenty of scheduling tools to help you out. They will track the performance of your posts and make recommendations about the best posting times. The Social Media platforms will also have metrics which can help you decide optimum posting times.


Social media can be tricky, but just like regular social gatherings, showing up when your friends are gathered together makes engagement much easier. So, be sure to check your analytics to know when your audience is on social media.

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